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  • Volunteer your time:

    Occasionally, we get people that contact us to help with awareness and spreading the word or other specialized tasks. Please contact us if you'd like to volunteer your time with a skill, resource, or special purpose. Share our Flyers!

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  • Donate.

    Donations help us support the walk each year providing water, police escorts, and promotional material.

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EARLY pre-registration for ZDAY 2012

You dont have to, but if you want to: Sign up early for the FIFTH Annual Houston Zombie Walk on October 27th, 2012!!

Don't worry, if you can't pre-register - You can just show up with the 15$ donation (or what you can afford - we don't turn zeds away!) to our beneficiary on the day of the walk!


Where does your money go?

  • Police Escorts

    To ensure that our walk is safe for all of the little zeds (and adults too), we hire the sameHouston Police Department officers every year to escort us and control the traffic down Westheimer.

    ZWH Police Escorts

  • Water for the ZOmbies!

    Unless sponsored, your donations help us supply all of the participant with cold water for their walk.

  • Portable Toilets

    Even zombies have to go..

  • Misc. items

    Some donations we use for items like banners, trash cans, mosquito repelants for the participants, etc.

  • Charity

    100% of all profits from the walk donations go to our beneficiary each year.

  • Who is the Charity this year?

    • Friends for Life

      When There Was No Hope, They Found Homes.

      Friends for Life's goal is to create programs that make life an option for both owner surrendered and homeless animals. Their programs have evolved as they have made it a priority to listen to ways that you, our community, tell them that they may be helpful to you. For example, the Pet Retention program was born of taking the time to learn that sometimes, keeping a pet is a matter of a training issue they can help address, a need for information on dealing with allergies or searching for pet-friendly rentals. Sometimes it is a need for assistance with food/supplies during a tough time. Taking an animal to a shelter (any shelter) is a permanent solution to what may be a temporary problem. Learn more about their programs.